Strategic transformation requires us to literally turn from the old way of doing business to a new way. I believe technology has the power to help make this turn faster. I guide organizations, their leaders, and their people as they shift thinking and literally turn toward a new future! 

The Arctic tern is the longest migrator in the world, traveling from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back again every year.

The tern has a clear strategy. He knows what he is good at – long distance migration – and the best feeding/nesting is in the polar regions. He combines these to uniquely apply them to his advantage over other migrators. He has his strategy, his execution plan and is not distracted along the way!


When I was working as a Chief Information Officer, I saw organizations struggle to capitalize the value of technology. They spend vast sums of money managing ever larger portfolios without reaping its full benefit.

Like the Arctic tern, I was born in Alaska and have traveled the world, bringing the best of what I’ve learned back to help Alaskan businesses achieve strategic transformation.

I also take that Alaska spirit back out into the world. There are no pretenses here, I was raised in the unique, “bootstraps” culture of Alaska and I utilize the inherent innovation, work ethic and community spirit of that culture to influence the thinking of the wider industry.

I have developed an integrated approach to technology management and will lead your team through to full integration.

– Melanie Bladow